Juli 2020

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16.07.2020: AYREON veröffentlicht die ersten zwei Singles und Videos aus dem neuen Album 'Transitus'!
Ab jetzt gibt es die ersten beiden Singles und Videos vom neuen Ayreon Album „Transitus”, das am 25. September erscheint! Der digitale Vorverkauf ist also hiermit eröffnet!
Dazu gibt es folgenden, wichtigen Kommentar von Arjen selbst, hier zu lesen:

"Welcome to the colorful world of.. Transitus! Finally the time has come to present you the very first full singles and lyric videos of the new Ayreon album Transitus. Yes... singleS, plural!
This album is incredibly diverse so I really couldn’t choose just one track because I wouldn’t want people to get the wrong impression of the overall mood of the album. So we decided to make a video for both an atmospheric track ‘Hopelessly Slipping Away’ and a rocky track ‘Get out! Now!’
‘Hopelessly Slipping Away’ features Tommy Karevik (Kamelot) and Cammie Gilbert (Oceans of Slumber) on vocals. It’s a haunting track with analog synthesizers and violin, and it slowly builds to an epic climax with marching snares. In this video we see the ghost of Daniel (Tommy) hopelessly trying to reach out to his beloved wife Abby (Cammie) who clearly feels his presence but can’t see or hear him.
The track ‘Get Out! Now!’ is a straightforward and energetic rock track with powerful drums, bass, guitars and Hammond organ. It features the illustrious Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and Tommy Karevik on vocals, and none other than the legendary Joe Satriani plays a blistering guitar solo. In this story Daniel’s intolerant father (Dee) banishes Daniel (Tommy) from his estate for having a forbidden affair with their servant Abby.
So here you have it... I hope you enjoy at least one of the two tracks, have fun! :-)"

Single/Video zu "Get Out! Now!": youtu.be/X2PidKn4IbA

Single/Video zu "Hopelessly Slipping Away": youtu.be/JeeVX6rbVMc

Website: facebook.com/ArjenLucassenOfficial

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